Re-enacting the Design of Karl Friedrich Schinkel’s Bauakademie

Rebekka Kiesewetter

Laila Seewang
Landscapes of Clay

Stuart Smith
On the reconstruction of the Bauakademie in Berlin: a contribution from the structural engineers

Christiane Salge
Regulations for the Allgemeine Bauschule

Thomas Auer
Room Climate in the Bauakademie Berlin

Martina Abri
Schloss Tegel: The Story of a Total Work of Neoclassical Art for Wilhelm von Humboldt

Ortrun Bargholz
The Attempt to Achieve Coherence: Contradictions in the historical plan material relating to Schinkel’s Bauakademie in Berlin

Anna Schäffler
The Bauakademie as Bauakademie as Bauakademie as… The Bauakademie as the Production of Knowledge

Christian Raabe